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released June 23, 2004


all rights reserved



Bestia Estonia

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Track Name: Hallutsinatsioon

then I walk in unlighted fields
as lightning strikes
in the boundless emptiness

perceiving a silhouette in the distance
and the howling of wolves
lingering in my ears endlessly

desires, fears from deep inside
flames from a fiery slough
granting aims for the mind anew
carrying winds from a different world
describing foreign figures
creating unknown measures
searing the hell within
evoking the unseen

I feel the blood running on my lips
and sparks leaving the sharpness of the blade

feel the hunger gripping your soul
the thirst scorching your body
images of fear so distant
bleak and non-existent

tearing out screams with claws
the beast strangling the spirit
forcing to sound the howls
the hand of insanity crawls

the fire silently cracking
giving its final flares
not a glance back as I leave
deaf to the cries I remain
Track Name: Viirastus tõusvas tules

as fire roared in the darkened sky
casted shadows into the impenetrable blackness
scattered the tomb-like silence
as beneath ashes feud began flaring

painful words from soring torment
bloodstained spirits from gory water
malignant hatred from malicious flesh
the Hellborn spawned to the heavens

neither satan nor god but death
the bearer on the dyers' crown
thrusts light into obscurity
throwing spikes from the celestials' throne

empty words from hollow life
flames once flaring die away
senseless wrath from morbid flesh
sent to earth from heavenly skies

below a cold stone from frigid sleep
arise they who are foreign to light
eyes reflecting the darkest dark
everything vanishes
like a phantom in the rising fire
Track Name: Libahunt

as the moon became our desire
from the heart that blinded
the dark grew into a well
made for frenzy to inspire

disrupting the lethargic beingness
I find myself at zero
ripping at truths, killing senses
I do recede from strains

as the shadows rise
souls of pure are dreaming
the moon evoking bloodfog
the lust gripping the mind

enraged we're feeding on feelings
serving the eternal hunger
releasing once more the urges
that forever will remain

thrusting fangs into the flesh -
we still have time
drowning in bloodlust
we're leading the moonwrath
Track Name: Sosin

at expanses with a million years
between reality and thought
through the seaside forest
hiding from prostration

the expanses that produced this beauty
are filling up with bloodred light
I give myself to the following realm
that doesn't abide to mankind
Track Name: Kord vabana tuleme tagasi

can you hear the roars of steel?
can you hear the hammers on anvils?
look, the sky is turning bleak
the blacksmiths of earth have begun to work

out of fire, iron and water
a sword is born
cold as the fighter's heart
may its bloody stroke be deadly

the sounds of frantic horses
muffled by a common tune
a tune long forgotten by those
who are recovering from the mead

a song of freedom and courage
of free land and forests
once again it shall rise like thunder
and reach the heavens unbound

soon the sky will be a ruddy dawn
no sun our eyes will see
until the ground is bloodred
and the enemy is dead

when fist and blade become one
when shield becomes your body
cast your home a glance
it may very well be your last

once we'll return unbound
no more red inside our eyes
once we'll return unbound
and so shall we all!!!
Track Name: Toonela varjud

whirled by winds
bitten by rain

in empty eyes
the ache of gone-by times

a lifeless soul
an endless road

born of darkness
as one with shadows

hewn from nightfog
woven in marsh-breath

as a raven I fly
by the old oak

as a wolf I howl
in the northern wind

as a ghost I lurk
by the brook in the woods

at twilight sites
scream with anguish
Track Name: Kolmas haud vasakult

each night as the alley's getting dim
my path's toward the graveyard again
my love awaits me there -
third grave from the left

you broke my heart
I broke your neck
your earthly hell
my heavenly bliss

piling up your bones
I hold you in my arms
stroke your little skull
beneath the moon so full

hark! my grief so great
how have I let you to disintegrate
you're scattered into a thousand pieces
I must please myself with crosses

you're so unbearably near
only six feet below
the surplus of flesh hanging
on maggot-gnawed bones

... third grave from the left
Track Name: Päev et mõista

unweaving life with iron-coated fingers
unknowingly practising boredom

the day I realize time is non-existent
and there's only ever-present now
is a day to be persistent
and leave all futile and bow

why not to live
when any moment you may die

I do have eyes to see the marvels
I do have ears to hear the laughter
a mind to receive the required
a will to put words to deeds

as the crow flies
as the wind storms
[and you can't grasp them]
a day is given
a morning too [and all these wishes]
Track Name: Ruunide leidmine
Finding the runes
Track Name: Suremise teine tee

the sky in on fire again
as darkness shrouds the land
as of silver everything gleams
when I spread my wings and leave

never forget remembering
[above your left shoulder]
never forget dying
[above your left shoulder]

to live here and breathe the air
to honour danger and feel fear
for there's no end as there's no beginning
there's only this minute here and now

never forget remembering
[ above your left shoulder ]
never forget dying
[ above your left shoulder ]

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